Praise & Worship Team

Praise Cathedral's Praise & Worship Team
"Let Every Living, Breathing Creation Praise God! Hallelujah!" 
Psalm 150:6
Praise Cathedral has an Awesome team of singers and musicians who are committed to leading the body in Praise and Worship every week.  We take this opportunity very seriously and believe that our relationship with the Lord and our commitment to each other contributes to the effectiveness of our Praise and Worship Team.  We recognize the importance of each member and each person's gifting to the worship team.  
Music has many dynamic functions.  The Bible cites music being played and sung in Worship, at the crowning of royalty, during marches into battles, in national triumphs, to soothe kings in anger or distress, at the offering of sacrifices, in times of mourning and joy, in Heaven and as a symbol of judgment.  Hans Christian Anderson said, "Where words fail, music speaks..."
Every week, we are given the privilege to lead the Praise Cathedral body of Believers into an experience with our Heavenly Father.  He meets with us as we lift our Praises to Him!  We are committed to seek Him for a fresh word and a new song.  Our prayer is that He will continue to "open up the sky" and reign in our midst as His Spirit rains on us.
The Praise & Worship Team meets bi-weekly for prayer and preparation.  Musicians include: Amy Pennington and Kelli Parmarter on Pianos, Bob Shorts on Electric Guitar, Michael Perrin and Jim Criswell  on Acoustic Guitar, Rev. David Martin on Bass Guitar and _______ on Drums.  Singers include: Connie Cooney, Sue Meehl and Pam Grove.  Special Thanks and Appreciation will always go to our sound man, Ed Sveda...who always makes us sound good!
We pray that you will come and join us as we lift our Praises to Our Lord and King... "My Heart is Steadfast, O God! I will sing and make melody with all my Heart."  There's nothing like worshipping Our God Together...
I'll See You in His Sanctuary!
Pamela Grove
Praise & Worship Leader
Praise the Lord! Praise God in His Sanctuary;
Praise Him in His Mighty Heavens!
Praise Him for His Mighty Deeds;
Praise Him according to His Excellent Greatness!
Let Everything that has Breathe Praise the Lord!
Praise the Lord!
Psalm 150 
Praise Cathedral Church of God