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      Praise Cathedral Elders Ministry
The Bible tells us that Elders of the Church must be men of character.  Praise Cathedral's Elders are Mr. Babo, Mr. Funk, Rev. Martin, and Mr. Riefstahl.  Elders are not intended to take the place of our Pastor.  They are available to pray and minister to our families whenever needed.  Each family is included in one of the Elder's groups, and we encourage you to participate in this special ministry opportunity.
        Praise Cathedral Deacon/ness Ministry
Our Deacon/ness Ministry Team:  Mr. and Mrs. J. Babo, Mrs. Genberg, Mrs. Lindquist, Mrs. Alloway, Mr. and Mrs. Funk, Mrs. Gorniak, Mr. and Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Rice, Mr. and Mrs. Bray, Mr. and Mrs. D. Babo, Mr. and Mrs. Kovach, Rev. and Mrs. Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Riefstahl, and Rev. and Mrs. Rutledge.
Pastor's Letter:
In September of 2004 Praise Cathedral took a significant step in instituting the concept of Elder Care Ministry. This Biblical concept of ministry is God's design to provide care and ministry to the entire flock of God. The Bible teaches us that care for God's flock is a body ministry to be done by more than one or two people. On Sunday, May 2, 2010, we introduced to the congregation our new Deacon/ness Ministry.
Our Deacon Ministry is designed to minister much like our Elder ministry has, however, the difference is we have decreased the size of the group and added more group leaders (i.e. deacon/ness). In scripture a Deacon had a list of qualifications, leadership requirements and ministry manifestations which were to be used by the Lord in strengthening, protecting and equipping God's people (see 1 Timothy 3:8-13).
At Praise Cathedral we desire to utilize the Deacon Ministry by asking a Deacon/ness to be spiritually responsible for a small group of people for one year. To date we have sixteen Deacon group leaders who will minister to approximately seven families per group. Because this is a new ministry concept, there may be some confusion as to what it means when one is told they have a Deacon to serve them. Let me share with you what being a part of a Deacon's Group means:
A Deacon is someone:
   - who is praying for you
   - who is there to encourage you
   - who is there as someone you can talk to
   - who is concerned about your overall well-being (physically, emotionally & spiritually)
   - who God can use to minister into your life or the life of your family
The Deacon Ministry is not designed to take the place of the Pastor/s, nor is it an authoritative role like that of an Elder. A Deacon is simply someone who is available to you should the Pastor be unavailable. They have direct access to the Pastor should they need to make a Pastor aware of a need. A Deacon also serves as a great minister to be able to share and pray for any needs you may have.
If you have any questions about the Deacon Ministry, please call me at 725-8767 or email me at pastormike@pccog.org.
In His Service,
                       Pastor Michael Grove 

Praise Cathedral Church of God