If You're not Passionate about Your Ministry,
    You Might Not Be in the Right Ministry!
SING in the Christmas and Easter Musicals
SING the National Anthem for Sport Events
         (Erie Otters, BayHawks & SeaWolves)
SING in the Community Music Service
Everybody Needs
A Little Humor
In Their Life!

Every July our Local Volunteer Fire Departments host the Annual North East Firemen's Cherry Festival!  We encourage you to support these volunteers and take every opportunity to Thank them for their service during the year.

Praise Cathedral's Missions     Get Involved with Missions - PRAY
NEW This Year We Will Have a Missions Weekly Prayer Focus so You can Join Us as We Pray for Our Mission Projects! Each Week the Mission Project will be in the Banner on the Homepage, on the Mission Monitors in the Sanctuary, in the Bulletin and on Our Facebook Page.  Get Involved with Missions thru Prayer!
Visit our Facebook page for last minute announcements or notes from Praise Cathedral's staff. You'll find us at
Our prayer warriors meet every Sunday at 9:30 in the conference room, and you're welcome to join in any time! If you would like to participate in our Prayer Chain, please call the church office or email
Our nursery is available during every service. Feel free to stop by and change a diaper...or two. It's never too early to begin building relationships with our next generation!
Anyone Interested in Being a Part of Our Tech Team Ministry is Invited to Join Us in the Balcony EVERY Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to Noon! If you are interested in being a Camera Operator, a Sound Tech, or a Computer Operator for the Video or Praise & Worship, we are ready to include you on our team! Contact Thomas Davis, Ed Sveda, or Drew Funk to Join Today!
We're looking for individuals interested in joining our Website Ministry. If you enjoy writing or taking pictures you can help with special events. If you enjoy being technical, you can help with LIVE streaming and videos. If you like communications, you can help with the website calendar. If you're already involved in a ministry, you can submit information for posting on to keep others informed. Contact Trudy Sveda to Join Today!

Building Mortgage Paid in Full by December 31, 2013
      From Over $211,000 to Zero in only 22 Months


Poems By Sue Meehl
We are blessed to have Poems written by Sue Meehl to share with you.
Revival doesn't come to the Church
Revival comes to Individual Hearts
Praise the Lord if All Those Individual Hearts Come to YOUR Church!
Jesus said to them, "The Kings of the Gentiles exercise lordship
over them, and those in authority over them are called benefactors."  
                                       Luke 22:25
"The benefactors are the ones who have a measure of power and they
are in charge of distributing...Jesus is clear in saying that we are not
to be benefactors, lording over others, but rather servants who
consider themselves nothing.   Who are you trying to be?" 
                Angie Smith in "What Women Fear"
Do You Know WHO You Are?
You Are Accepted
You Are Secure
You Are Significant
Saturday, September 11th we held an evening of Praise & Worship at Praise Cathedral. The event, organized by Thomas Davis was for all denominations and all walks of life. The band, Re:Claim, performed for 3 hours straight for the audience which included 29 computers logged into our Live Streaming to view the event LIVE via the internet! Re:Vive was a complete success and a huge testimony for those involved. The Monday before the event the band met for a sound check and practice in the sanctuary. Everyone was excited and ready for Saturday to come quickly. Saturday morning, September 11th, the band met at Praise Cathedral at 9:00 a.m. ready for the final sound check before the big event at 6. The day following the last practice a huge lightning storm came thru our area but no one thought anything about it UNTIL...Ed Sveda powered up the mixing board to find that HALF the channels were dead, the keyboard was dead, the main amplifier was dead, the internet feed was dead... meaning no microphones, no keyboard the main instrument, no power for the speakers and no way to broadcast the event to our friends and missionaries. The technical guys jumped to action using every bit of their talents to solve the problems and what did the band do? The band waited patiently for hours at their instruments ready to help at a moments notice. Two hours into the process the band abandoned their posts to PRAY over Re:Vive! The enemy thought lightning would destroy the dreams of Thomas Davis and the band...He Was Wrong! God had already equipped and prepared a TEAM ready to conquer lightning! What a Blessing it was to watch the team "in action" and to watch the Re:Vive event start right on time POWERED by the very equipment the enemy attacked! If you were unable to be at Re:Vive to watch this miracle in action then I encourage you to watch the video from Saturday, September 11th. You'll be Blessed - Re:Vive - It Begins With You!

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