Valued Friends - God's Word Guides
Our Best Friends are the ones we have for years! If you are Single, we want you to be one of our valued friends because YOU are very important to us at Praise Cathedral. We understand the difficulties of being single and we are here to help. We believe singles have a major roll in the end time harvest. You are able to serve and give of your time in ways many cannot. When the Valued Friends group gathers together we like to focus on issues like accountability, relationships and servant hood. We also enjoy doing things together as a group like going to dinner, movies, and many other awesome outings. If you are single and looking for a place to fit in, please come and join our group of Valued Friends.
Couple's Ministry - Together in the Lord
At Praise Cathedral we still believe in marriage, and we know that your spouse is a gift from God. We also understand that these are difficult times for many and often the marriage is threaten or under attack. It seems many times we work on fixing our finances or our children's problems and neglect working on our marriage. We want you to know that your marriage is important to God and to us. We take very serious our call to serve the couples here at Praise Cathedral. Our ministry is to pour into you and your marriage because your marriage is a blessing from God.
Men's Ministry - God's Word Leads
As a believer, husband, father and pastor I believe men's ministry is extremely important today in the church. Now is the time for men in the body of Christ to stand up and take their place in the church as leaders, givers and servers. In our men's ministry group we take a look at what our role is in the home, church and world. We do this through times of fellowship with one another where we go deeper into Gods word and hear great testimonies of what God is doing in lives of men who have surrendered to Him. Men please do not hesitate in joining us - Your family may be counting on it.
Choir - Sing Praises to the Lord
We enjoy praising our Lord by lifting our voices in song especially during the Christmas and Easter seasons. Our choir ministry is focused around special occassions, services and/or holidays, and we encourage anyone who can carry a tune to join us. Each choir opportunity is announced from the pulpit and in the bulletin so please watch for these exciting opportunities to join other believers as we make a joyful noise unto the Lord!
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