Children's Ministries

Children's Ministries
Sing, dance, create, think, share, come together, rise up, go out! 
With several different rooms & activities to lead your kids in this adventure, our hope is that they'll rise up and share their experiences with their peers and inevitably the world, so the abundant life that God intends for us will be shared by all.
Our first stop is the Carpenter's Workshop. Nestled back in old-time Bethlehem, this woodshop is the perfect place for young people to explore their own creativity. Here children will have the opportunity to work with their hands, making many exciting projects and crafts.
What better way to introduce young students to the Bible than with live theater performances? Here they will be whisked away to faraway lands, as they watch Bible stories unfold before their very eyes. They will be captivated by the stories in a way that was never achievable by reading alone..
This is no ordinary classroom. The lessons here are exciting and fun. With detailed maps hand painted on the walls, cobblestone floor, and stone benches, it doesn't even look like your average classroom.

Praise Cathedral Church of God